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Some n00b that binds specials

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10th August 2002

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Here's some stuff that I think is pretty useful & I thought I would share it. If any of you have any tips to be added, questions, comments, woteva, post about it here.

Setting Variables Back to Default If you do not like any of these settings & want to change them back, you can do so by typing the variable name into console. For example, if you wanted to change the Filed of Vision back to the default, you would type "cg_fov" in console & it will display what it's currently set to, then what the default setting is.

Moving Text Up-Top Do you hate it when people chat while you're playing because the text is in the way? Well here's a fix for that. Go in console & type...

set cg_chatboxheight "60"

& voila! The text is now on the top section of the screen instead of at the bottom. You can also modify the amount of time text is displayed with the cg_chatbox variable.

Turn Off Skies & Other Graphics This is a good one for people who have slower computers. Currently I'm using a 1300mhz PC so I don't need to disable skies but I was using a 600mhz PC not to long ago & this helped. Go in console & type...

set r_fastsky "1"

I also recommend you set your video display to 640x480 no matter how fast your video card & computer is, it's just a much faster video rate & makes a world of a difference but some people prefer graphics over performance.

Dismemberment Most people know this one but I think it's something I should go over for the newcomers. There are 2 variables for this...

set cg_dismember "100"


set g_dismember "100"

the cg_dismember is for clients only (people connecting to a server) & the g_dismember is for servers only.

Dynamic Crosshair This is good for those of you who hate having the crosshair automatically line up to targets. In console type...

set cg_dynamiccrosshair "0"

0 disables auto crosshair, 1 enables it.

Field of Vision I personally like this but there are alot of people that do not (it takes some getting used to). This is similar to having the third person view camera positioned back a little bit more. In console type...

set cg_fov "120"

Binding Specials Alright, first & foremost I want to say that BINDING IS NOT CHEATING. There are NO RULES NOR PROGRAMMING made to prevent people from binding specials, therefore it is not cheating. No whiners about this please. If you are a good enough player, whether people bind or not will make little to no difference.

[INDENT]If you are really anti-binding & want to prevent people from doing so on your server, then I recommend you get Duelers mod at This mod has the best macro prevention system available for the game & it's not set up like XMod was, this is much better coding & I personally helped out with the development on this - no one is going to be able to bind with this mod as long as macro prevention is enabled (which it is by default) & there aren't any problems like there was with XMod.

Actually I recommend you get Duelers mod regardless of whether you are anti-binding or not because again, the macro prevention is optional. This mod also features a non interferance code which means when in a private duel with another player, you only see, hear, & touch your opponent (you can still read other players text).[/INDENT]

Anyways, back to the binds...

Blue Lunge, Kata, etc; etc. Type into console...

bind [key] "+movedown; +forward; +attack"

replace [key] with the key you would like to bind. For example, if you wanted to bind lunge to 3 you would type...

bind 3 "+movedown; +forward; +attack"

Death From Above, ButterFly, etc; etc. Type into console...

bind [key] "+moveup; +forward; +attack"

Both Attack Buttons Type into console...

bind [key] "+attack; +altattack"

Running Up Walls Type into console...

bind [key] "+moveup; wait 2; -moveup; wait 2; +moveup"

Custom CFG Files In case you didn't already know, you can set up your controls exactly how you like them, then copy the "jkampconfig.cfg" file, rename it to whatever (for example, marker0077.cfg), then your controls are saved in that file. You can either type "exec marker0077.cfg" in console whenever you want to set your controls, or you can name the file "autoexec.cfg" to automatically launch that CFG everytime the game is launched.

You can edit CFG files with any universal text editing program, I prefer Wordpad myself but to each their own. Another thing you want to do is make sure that the very last line in the CFG file is blank (this goes with any Quake based game as well). Optimizing the Client You can get more information on this stuff here.

AbU5enowhere in all that is cl_timenudge mentioned.

cl_timenudge has the effect of altering the latency to the server.

Both +ive and -ive values have an effect.

+ive values cause an artificial increase in latency, -ive values cause the client to predict object movements into the future.

-ive values are obviously of more use to gamers seeking a playing advantage, as it can be used to partially or completely negate your ping.

For instance, playing on a server with a ping of 100ms, You could set your cl_timenudge to -100, to give the effect of playing with a ping of 0.

However, because the Quake engine can only predict future events using current velocities, its estimates will never be perfect - this will manifest itself as a small amount of warping when an opponent changes direction rapidly.,

Therefor, timenudges below -50 are rarely used.

+ive values also have an application, though not as widely used.

If you have a net connection that has a high ping fluctuation (say 30 to 60 ms), a +ive timenudge can be used to smooth this ping out to a more average 50ms. For accuracy based weapons (think Q3 railgun), it is far more desirable to have a consistent 60 ping, than a fluctuating 30-60 ping.

hmm, whatelse :-

\com_maxfps 75 or 125.

Locking at these specific framerates will give you a slight movement speed advantage. (so long as your framerate stays locked at the value you specify)

\com_maxfps 5 (or less)

This can be used to avoid some collisions, specifically trip mines. Bind a key to toggle your maxfps between normal and 5.

Walk upto a corridor completely blocked by a line of tripmines, press your bound key, run through the trip mine, release the bound key, you will be on the other side of the trip mines without having detonated them.

This can also be exploited to make yourself appear laggy, and hence very hard for people to hit you with weapons. This is ofcourse a very low tactic, as your opponent can easily do the same, reducing the game to a skillless lag spamming contest.

Display Settings -> Vsync OFF

Unless you have your monitor refreshrate set at 75hz, and are always achieving 75fps, you should always play with vsync disabled