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I didn't make it!

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#1 15 years ago

Hello guy , i found a patch vs the flood say crash :D for basejka , lugormod , and others :D

Just u have o mail the master of the serv :D

- download the patcher for the Call of Duty buffer-overrun bug:

- open the following file contained in your Jedi Academy folder with a ZIP program (like Winzip for example):


note that the number of the assets file can change if you have other versions of the game, in any case get the file with the higher number available.

- extract the file jampgamex86.dll

- launch codmsgfix.exe

- select the dll file you have just extracted, you will receive a success message

- create a zip file containing only the patched jampgamex86.dll file. the name of the zip must be assets4.pk3 (note the number 4 while the other zip was 3) and must be placed in the same folder where is located assets3.pk3.

- your server is patched and will no longer crash (or worst since this is a buffer-overflow bug).

Report me any problem