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#1 16 years ago

Can someone please tell me the bind command to change my sabre (not color or style) when I want? also I cannot seem to bring up the console when I try to add -console to my shortcut it says it cannot do it:uhoh:


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#2 16 years ago

Hey Glacius, it's pretty easy to do. Just press [Shift] + [~] (The key left of [1]) to open the console ([color=red]in game[/color]) There is no need to type "-console" or "+console+" in the shortcut-target box. Now, for the command: Type in the console: bind saber The next words you type are going to be the saber hilt you want. Examples: bind t saber dual_2 That will bind the [T] key, with the saber staff (2nd hilt) bind g saber single_5 single_5 That command will bind the [G] key with dual sabers (two sabers) with the Praetor Hilt (or something like that :P ) bind b saber_4 That will bind the [B] key with a single saber, and the 4th hilt (Adapt Hilt) That's all! :) (Hope you understood it! :P )