What would you like to see in a JK4 game, if it were made? -1 reply

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13th April 2009

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#1161 12 years ago

Maybe replace Kyle with Rosh, Better :D

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3rd June 2006

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#1162 12 years ago
Anson357;4868811You can't kill Kyle Katarn.... it just won't happen. He's too masterful in the force to be able to be killed by a grenade.

Don't be so sure. Many force users were taken down by mundane devices.

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3rd September 2005

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#1163 12 years ago

Kyle Katarn has a place in established canonical events long after Jedi Academy, into the Galactic Alliance era.

So unless a future JK game fast-forwards to after all of the currently existing EU materials, or uses the old "alternate timeline" or "It was all just a dream..." cop-outs, Katarn is untouchable.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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30th August 2004

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#1164 12 years ago

Kyle rocks anyway, why would anyone want to kill him?! :eek:


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15th October 2005

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#1165 12 years ago

Dunno, bored maybe? If they ever did make a JK4 game though, I think I'd want it to take place in part of the timeline that isn't already established, you know? Make up something really fresh.


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#1166 11 years ago

I like to see it move into the Legacy Era, As it is still being written and they would have more freedom in the storyline


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25th August 2007

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#1167 11 years ago

I reckon they should do somthing TOTALLY different, We're all so use to the jedi vs sith shit that as stated "Its wearing thin" you can almost predict what will happen and well... that gets boring...

How about a story line that the usual jedi vs sith is going on then suddenly from the shadow a large NEW army such a a droid etc that overpowers republican/empire and in order to have any chance of taking out this large threat the empire and republians have to unite into one force.. but theres a twist... Whilst the side unite the jedi/sith trick there united friends into full scale "Free for all" war.

It can go on and on :P


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17th June 2009

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#1168 11 years ago

i say they should make a jk4 based on potatoes.


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11th September 2009

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#1169 11 years ago

Jedi Knight 4: Jedi Assassin

Target #1: Rosh Penin