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#1 9 years ago


I've been playing the JK games since I was in elementary school. Starting with JK2, and now I'm in college. One of the things I enjoyed the most was RPing in JKA. I recently looked around and I noticed that there isnt nearly as many people RPing in JKA as there used to. I was wondering, where did everyone go? Is there another Star Wars game people are using to role play in? Whats big now for Star Wars roleplayers? I'm just looking for a similar experience to what it used to be like, and all the RP servers I've gone on, every time its just people with RP names, running around with godmode and merc cheats.. lol

Is there a new mod people use to RP with? FM3 is empty... and I think I only saw one server on JA+

So if anyone knows where all the role players have moved to, if there is some new game they're using to RP, would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! :)

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#2 9 years ago

I used to run JK-RP with a few others a few years ago, but unfortunately that died off. I posted a thread about RP to see if there was any interest here, but I got minimal replies.

Truth be told, RP is much less active in JKA now than 2 years ago.

I can, however, recommend a good role-play community, which would be ::JEDI::. They use their own mod which is entirely suitable to the setting. The only thing that might bug you is that they only do Jedi role-play from what I can remember; if that isn't going to be an issue, it'd be a great place for you.

And as to answer your other question: I believe most role-players either quit, or moved to Star Wars: The Old Republic, you know, the MMORPG made by BioWare.

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#3 9 years ago

Thanks a ton for your reply! I'm gonna check JEDI out, and I might also see what its like on the RP servers for TOR. I have been playing TOR, but I moved with my guild from SWG, and they didn't pick an RP server. Thanks again for your response!

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#4 9 years ago

[COLOR=SeaGreen]I was just about to say that the JK-RP has moved over to TOR, but it seems you have already figured that out. [/COLOR]