Why are Double-sided sabers, nooby?? -1 reply

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28th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago
TheSHadowOfLeninSingle is my fav as it can do pretty much all the tactics that the others can (sway, lunge, backstab/slash) and can be adapted to beat anything else.

Hmm, u say tactics = sway lunge etc, if someone didnt use them, is that harder? im just not sure, my clan leader still says staff is noob although i beat him with 100/100 left... and he is red user, and not noob. i dont use tactics, is that bad or wat? i just dodge and attack, i dont have to face my opponent to hit them either, usually when they run at me i jump over and slash back, or when they attack me i slash them and sidekick off them, i find my style to be very easy, except if i dont jump to dodge i usually get hit, ^_^ but i always jump when i dodge, maybe i could arrange a duel with someone to see if im noob??? id have to ask you to come to my server because my serverlist doesnt come up