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#1 17 years ago

:smokin: Firstly, I like feedback. I have two tips that might come in handy when facing multiple Reborn, or battling with them when playing on Knight or Master skill level. Force grip (when up to level 2) is probably the easiest way of beating them, by using it continuously then running around till your force builds up again, but it's cheap and takes away gameplay and the whole "battle to the death" aspect as well as being stupid to use on multiple reborn, although it is a nice finishing move once they're weakened. I personally like a battle so I usually use a combination of grip, pull and speed, firstly a nice slash with force speed and strong style (hotkeys help) weakens them slightly, then force grip to show who's boss (though they usually respond with force grip themselves), then finish it all off with force pull or push, quickly hitting force speed and slashing the crap out of them while they're down. When I use this strategy on most occasions I get nice battle whilst suffering no damage except for the occasional bolt of lightning. So there ya go, I was bored and decided to put a heap of pointless advice down that anybody with the intellectual ability equivilant to that of a bonobo, could very well figure out for themselves.:smokin: