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#1 12 years ago

hey. i know this is an odd thing to ask but how do you get the action music in Jedi Outcast in Single player. i have watched vids of people in single player and the music always changes how can i do that.


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#2 12 years ago

On the console, enter music You can omit the .mp3 extension.

Example: music music/ns_streets/narshaada_action It seems the mp3 files must reside in the music subfolder for this command to work, either directly in your base folder (i.e. in .../base/music/) or in a pk3 file(like the one in the example, which you'll find in assets0.pk3).

I hope that's what you meant.

EDIT: Of course you can bind that command to keys, so you have your favourite tunes at your fingertips. That reminds me, you could also try this neat little tool: Music Changer Maker