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#1 19 years ago

is there any way of renaming a bot? Example: Exar Kun's name is exarkun_sithii. Is there any way i can make the game show his name as Exar Kun instead of that (without having to actually edit the bot's code)?

Second question: Even though the Jedimod is great, and I love the idea of dual sabers and dualblades, but is there a reason why no one makes any new animations that actually would make the use of them look right? Cause even if i'm using two sabers, the model doesn't actually swing the one in his left hand. Same with dual blades, the animations don't match the weapon correctly (eg. sometimes he'll appear to be stabbing himself). Not that it's that important, i just wondered if its possible or not.


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#2 19 years ago

I don't think there is anyway to rename a bot without accessing the code used to create it, the name can't be change because that's what the code goes by, at least I think that's right.:confused:

As for your second question / tirade, I agree with what you say. I prefer to use a single saber because of the fact that there almost no new animations for the dual sabers. The idea is wicked cool and I'm glad someone thought of it, but if they plan to make another version I suggest new moves be add for the dual sabers.:D




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#3 19 years ago

Yes I think there could be a way.. by opening up the .pk3 and editing the .bot file. <--- note: some authors don't really love it when people mess around with their files and what not, so just be discrete with what ya do ;)