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#1 16 years ago

How can I edit my lightsaber to be green (or any other color) in default. It's annoying that every level I need to enter a cheat for the color. I want that from the point I get the saber (yavin_trial) it'll be green.

Thanx whoever helps me on this one.


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#2 16 years ago

[COLOR=orange]I posted some addons at jk2 files with my mara jade skin.............[/COLOR]

To use the binds, open your jk2config.cfg file with notepad, then add any section to the bottom, it will automatically re-sort your bind in alphabetical order after you close it but it must have a black square before and after your bind,


blksquare bind i "sabercolor orange" blksquare

this would make my "i" key change sabercolor to orange.

here's is the binds i made..........

bind o "sabercolor purple"

bind r "sabercolor red"

bind t "sabercolor blue"

bind u "sabercolor yellow"

bind i "sabercolor orange"

bind y "sabercolor green"

all saber colors across the top row of my keyboard, once you do the devmapall cheat in console you don't have to bring console down again to change saber colors just hit the key you want without pausing game,jump off a ledge while changing colors, very little lag it's instant. It won't work in mp because of the pure server thing and no cheats. But you will still have to do the devmapall on most levels for the saber binds to work.

do not put 2 squares next to one another or it won't be accepted. You might want to make sure that a key isn't already bound before selecting one. if so just cut out what's there and replace with what you want.

This also works with spawing bots, there is a hidden jan female jedi bot in sp, i changed the skin so now i have mara jade fighting besides me.

Here's the binds for the bots, you can change them to whatever key you like.

bind w "setsaberoffense 5"

bind q "setforceall 5"

bind F7 "taunt"

bind F9 "npc spawn Stormtrooper"

bind F10 "npc spawn seeker"

bind F11 "give all"

bind F12 "screenshot"

bind INS "npc spawn luke"

bind DEL "npc spawn reborn"

bind PGDN "npc spawn tavion"

bind PGUP "npc spawn jedi2"

bind HOME "npc spawn jeditrainer"

bind END "npc spawn desann"

bind j "npc spawn JediF"

bind n "notarget"

bind m "noclip"

as you can see it's cool to have five jedi's that you can spawn and clean out a room for you. plus if you get the vader_desann pk3 file and the reborn_maul.pk3 files you can spawn vader and maul to fight with, or just watch all the bots fight each other. Make sure you save your original jk2config.cfg file in another folder somewhere in the main directory, i saved mine in a folder named ORIGINAL in my :\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast \ main folder. so you can copy and paste it just in case you screw it up. [COLOR=yellow]NOTICE: IT IS THE JK2CONFIG.CFG FILE NOT---- JK2MPCONFIG.CFG[/COLOR] you want to open and change. the mp stands for multiplayer, change that and you could crash or not get online. This is for sp only.

Please give me credit if you pass around. I am registered at :rock: Hope it is up soon. thanks :D