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#1 19 years ago

How do U make a *.AVI movie out of a demo U have recorded in JK2...

I know it is possible, just like in Counter-Strike....

But is there an easy way of doing it ...??? :rock:

the reason I ask is because I've just maked a brilliant demo... and I would like to show it to my friends that doesn't have JK2.....

Thanks..... Zyberdog :dance:



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#2 19 years ago

Doesn't Counter Strike use the Half Life engine which uses the Quake2 engine or something? If so then the engines are completely different.. I haven't play CS so I don't know what happens but as far as JK2 goes no it isn't possible.

Well ok fine that's a white lie... yes it is possible BUT the procedure is kinda lengthy and requires a LOT of hard drive space (goes in the GB's!) I haven't done this myself but I know someone who did and he said it isn't easy but it's possible...



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#3 19 years ago

Wenn It takes SS's in JK2 ... it takes them in JPG's witch .. does not take so much HD .....:D