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24th March 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Ok, now, I'm quite pissed at stuff... we admins have the right to remove those that we find unsetting or disturbing our server ambience. But what can we do when the dude has a Dynamic Ip? How can we ban him so he would NEVER come back after shutting his Modem and coming back at us with stupid-kid-on-dope tricks, added to retarded excuses, whines and comments "Noobs" "Pwned" "ahaha!! You suck... my cock" as exemple... [sorry for the language, had to quote it] Well, now, I just want this guy out... I know that the first digit on his IP is the same, but the second has changed from 79 to 76. And I'd rather not have to use Ban Range, cause it could privatise good players and people from playing with us... and us playing with them... So if any of you guys have found a way to ban Dips, please PM me, or go to our Forums and be kind to leave the way how to ban Dips... Thanks alot for the help. ~Axem Keigoku JEDI member