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1st November 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I tried everything. My JK2 doesn't work. I'm really mad. :mad: :mad:

Here's my problem:

Whenever I go to the integrated server list, it takes a x_amount of time to get the server lists, under any category or game. Also, in favorites, the server names show up, but when I hit refresh they turn into their respective ip's.

This is normal for someone who's offline. BUT I AM ONLINE!!!! ITS TREATING ME LIKE I'M NOT EVEN CONNECTED!!!!

Ok here's what I've tried:

Removing all installed mods

Re-installing JK2 (Twice)

Restarting Computer (lost count :uhoh: )

Reseting Modem

Banging on my computer and using curse words at it and even did this: :moon: at it

Thats what I've did.

I'm really really po'ed. My clan actually began to show signs of life in the past few weeks ago which I was glad of, then this stuff started to happen. Ohh, I'm so mad I could fill this entire section with swear words, but then I'll just get banned without even a warning. That won't help at all.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Edit: oops, I just realised this isn't int the problems and help topics. Sorry, can an admin move it for me please?