How the hell do you wall walk!!!??? -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

Ok, i've been trying to wall walk for ages now.

People say you strafe along the wall then press forward and jump.

Most of the time he won't even jump or i do a side kickflip thing off the wall. I've tried holding strafe and forward along a wall and pressing jump... no luck.

Do i have to approach the wall at a 45 degree angle or something?

Any help appreciated.


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#2 16 years ago

well that is how you do it -- i think you have to have at least level 2 force jump... you stand parallel (and next) to a wall (works best if the wall is a normal one, flat and 90 degrees to the ground), hold down forward and sidestep right, then hold down jump

if you're a doing a side kickflip thing, it means you're sidestepping right and jumping when you're right next to the wall (you're not pressing forward)