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#1 18 years ago

Ok, when I first got JK2, i played SP and i could see the Kyle skin with no problem. The only problem was, i couldn't play SP cause my Vidcard really sucked back then, everytime i completed the first level a picture of Mon Mothma upside down poped up and then the game crashed, so I just left SP alone after that.

A couple of days ago, i got a spankin new Vidcard and everything on my comp improved, including the ability to play SP without crashing. So, I decided to play it. Only problem is, now instead of Kyle, it shows the Tavion skin. It sucks really, cause u see Tavion walkin round talkin like Kyle, battleing an exact double. I'd like to get this fixed.

I figure something hapened with the Kyle skin file cause the same thing happens when ever someone is playing with Kyle on MP, it shows up as Tavion as well. Anyone know what to do?

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#2 18 years ago

What to do? nothing...later in the game there will be some hot cutscene lesbo action! on a serious note, did you download the tavion single player level? if so, that might have switched the models. remove it from your base file while you are playing single player and that might take care of it. if not, re-install.

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