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#1 17 years ago

I've heard some people talking and I've seen it works and stuff. when you type like /model reborn/acrobat I was wondering if there was any site that has a list of diffrent commands like that for other characters too?


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25th June 2002

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#2 17 years ago

try to type cmdlist in the console, it will show you an entire list of commands, scroll through them using PGUP and PGdown, chances are you'll find a model thing in there then type model and cmdlist again and see what it gives you, you can then bind all the models to a key i think which is fun cause you can scroll through models



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#3 17 years ago

OR if you want an easier way ;) hehe

Type "/model" in the console. BUT before you hit Enter press TAB and the console will give you a list of possibilites. It's a handy way incase you forgot a command and only know the beginning or something.. :D