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#1 17 years ago

Ok, don't flame me if u don't think these ideas are good or anything but here they are...

I'd like to see some of the lesser known soldiers like maybe a battle droid or super battle droid. Theres also the geonosian guys. I don't know if anyone actually got a decent look at them but hey, whatver.

Theres also some maps locations that might be good like the droid control ship and maybe a duel level of the geonosian arena.

I'd like to think up ideas from episode 4,5, or 6 but everyone's made something from those movies. These were the only things I could think of and i know battle droids are weak and linda lame but i coudn't think of anyhting else. I would make them myself if i could but i know didily about modeling and al that sh1t.

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#2 17 years ago

the genosis arena is already out (check out kamino landing platform and cloning facilities too). people are working on most of what you have requsted, but things like battle droids and genosians require compleatly new models, and that's tough (which is why most people just doodle on the reborn and call it a skin).