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11th August 2006

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#1 11 years ago

I really didn't see any great places to put this topic so I put it here. Pardon me if it was a bad desicion... And pardon my horrible spelling. Alright, on to business. I have written the script for a christmas special for someone to film. I can't really say it's horribly funny because I made it. If you want to use this script I only ask a few favors. 1. No alterations to the script will be made without my approval. (This includes changing a single word.) 2. I must approve of the movie before it is released to the general public. And now the list of things you'll need, 1. The ability to have some decent voices go with the film. 2. About seven people or so. Only two are the main characters, the rest would be extras. 3. A program that doesn't distort the video quality when you apply sound. That's about all I ask. I will put the script in a download. When you open the download you are to abide by these rules, 1. You may not steal anything from this script. 2. You may not take the script and use it and claim it was yours. 3. You may not take it and edit it. Enjoy if you like this, and if not, sorry for wasting your time. EDIT: Oops, forgot one thing, you probably will need to make a small map for some of the scenes. Hope it's not to much trouble.