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2nd February 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hello, I just returned to Jka, A few weeks ago.. After leaving for maybe 8-12months..

Most popular forum around is this one,

I need to know

What happaned to Black Death Clan (( BDC )), Because i was a member..

What happaned to.. *Vas* I was member of that aswell,

What happaned to.. [KP] Kenetic Penguins.. It was a Moviebattles 2 Clan... But no one told me why it just vanished..

And.. LugorMod.. Original server runned by.. Lugor, Theshopman, Thatguy, Someguy, Two jawa's named.. Torn and Zorn..

If possible.. If anyone know's major detials.. Could you post a website if there is any left.. Because.. I cannot find any.. And well i was IP banned from the Vas site.. i think.. But.. on the forums is a important map of friends..

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9th February 2005

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#2 12 years ago

Lugormod Server (Called Lugor's Dedicated) I believe is still around. For the Lugormod Website, visit Here.

I'm familiar with BDC and *Vas*, But to my knowledge *Vas* has not had a server since late 2005. They may have also disbanded, but i could be wrong.

I may have seen a BDC server back in december, but unfortunately my memory isnt that great. Its more likely that they have disbanded like *Vas*, but i'm not to sure.

I've never heard of [KP], so i cant really help you there. I have seen the tags though, but if you think they've vanished, its probably because they disbanded and the members joined other clans.

I hope that helps you out in some way.

But if you dont mind my asking, how long ago were you IP banned from the *Vas* Website, and why?


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14th December 2006

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#3 12 years ago

umm bd is no longer a clan they split into two clans i would have to say i can remmbdr the names