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15th October 2005

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#51 13 years ago

Wow this forum was going nowhere fast............

You know what? I have some overused words of wisdom for you. What you should do is not take into account WTF anyone says about your work. Take you time, keep on making files, and you'll improve wether they like it or not. BUt you can't beat everyone with a stick that says you file sucks. And you can't (well you can, but its not the best thing to do) just quit because of pressure. You have to just do what you want to do, I mean, you are most likely a grown man. So don't let anyone give you any bs.

And don't let people on this forum get to you either, I learned that not every noob needs to be attended to, just let the noobs stay noobs. But you do what you do..... quit or not. I'm not here to judge you. I'm here to talk about games and possibly help people out. If you want modding help post here and ask for crits, people will send em quick, and most won't kiss your arse, but they'll give you reeal feed back.

EDIT: I've also come to the conclusion that everyone on FF forums is a jackass. Yep, go ahead mods and admins, jump on me like I'm a football player standing still with the ball. But we all act like jackasses in our own subjective manner, especially when we're almost completely certain we know what we're talking about and the guy where flaming doesn't. SO don't take it so hard, we all have a jackass in us.


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#52 13 years ago

^Nicely said^