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#1 14 years ago

Ok, at the moment I am on Tatooine, trying to gain access to the Sand People camp. The problem is that even when wearing the sand people disguises I still get attacked by the groups of three Sand People. I can't seem to avoid these, and I seem to have tried everything, including making sure there are no droids or wookiees in my party, and that my whole party are carrying ghaffee sticks, but they still attack. The problem is, this makes it so that I can't sneak past the turrets at the camp entrance and when I get to a certain distance from the camp door, my party gets instantly killed. So the question is, what do I need to do to get into the Sand People camp?

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#2 14 years ago

humm truthful I had had that promblem a while back, Droids such as HK-47 wouldn't bother them. Hummmmm try take everything off but leave the clothes on if all else fails...a very highly smart person will come and give you the help...all I can say is...take everything off but the sand people clothes? of you didn't walk into mines did you? or talk to the sand people?. or it's glitch..

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#3 14 years ago

droids are ok, but if youre other team members aint in SP dress, then youll get fucked, btw, have you started the mission were you are getting briefed to get the Gaffistick?


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#4 14 years ago

You have to put on the sandpeoples clothing. And make sure you have the correct mission.


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#5 14 years ago

well the 3 group ambushes can't be avoided (at least i think so) and try to kill the sandpeople on the map that might work and i usually work solo or with Hk-47.....that can effect too on the turrets..or then im totally wrong


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#6 14 years ago

i would post a new topic but i cant cuz when i try to darthtrogsasea, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

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how do i fix this


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#7 14 years ago

For some reason I tried 3 times with the SP clothing on, and the turrets all shot me and I got ambushed. However when I was wearing Davik's armor and anything else, I could get past them fine. Somehow the game confuses the SP clothing with your normal stuff so that you MUST pass through wearing normal clothes.


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12th July 2006

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#8 14 years ago

this is what i suggest. If you have an autosave from getting in tatooine. Go from it and start over again. My guess is that is it indeed a glitch. A same problem From kotor ll sometimes on telos but. Im just suggesting because i had a lightsaber in hand in tusken clothes and i avoided everyone outside the enclave. So it has to be a glitch or your not careful and got too close to the patrols. *hk-47 rocks*


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#9 14 years ago

same thing happened to me, you should try loading a previous save and work from there(if you dont have any, you're fucked srry dude)

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#10 14 years ago

do this wear the sandpeoples uniform and put HK-47 in your group. when you get in they will known your not one of them but hk-47 can speak sandpeople. tell hk-47 that you want to speak to there leader. they'll take you to him and tell him that you want him to move. you'll have to something for him and then he will leave. he will give you his stick and let you run around his place. if that doesnt work than theres something wrong.