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14th August 2008

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#41 10 years ago

Hm. I was obsessed with being a dark sider, but after I've played TFU, it has changed my mind.

Light side FTW.

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21st September 2008

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#42 10 years ago
JM_Bane;4612724Hm. I was obsessed with being a dark sider, but after I've played TFU, it has changed my mind.

Yep, THE FORCE UNLEASHED can do that to people.


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26th October 2007

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#43 10 years ago

Even with TFU and Kotor I feel that the Darkside was excluded just because it was Non-cannon Lightside story better. FTW


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23rd March 2008

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#44 10 years ago
Lord_AragornGR;4367032Wait, we can learn about this in KOTOR3!!!! Nah, who am I kidding? THere won't even be a KOTOR3.

Because the KOTOR 2 ending SOOOOOOOO wasn't a cliffhanger.


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30th September 2003

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#45 10 years ago

Come back to this thread after a long delay. My hard disk fragged itself a while back and I lost all my Kotor save games and mods! Bummer.

Restarted Nevara's career, intending to 'slip' to the dark side 'accidently' rather than be a complete bitch. Finished Taris with this character now.


Evil actions committed on Taris: 1. Got in a fistfight with the three drunks in Upper Taris, then a Sith patrol intervened and shot them all dead! Not Nevara's fault, she only expected a harmless fistfight! Oops. 2. Got the rakghoul serum and sold it to Zax for 1,000 credits - Nevara wanted to get in Davik's good books so she'd get to meet him later, and steal his ship. 3. Blackmailed Janis into giving her T3-M4 for free by using Davik as a threat. Canderous said Davik had already paid for the droid, so Janis was trying to cheat! Couldn't afford the 2,000 credit asking price anyway, having spent all her money on equipment. And Nevara needed the droid. Besides, Janis probably died in the Sith bombardment anyway. 4. Told the Sith governor that she was looking forward to gutting him. Quite understandable, the man was a Sith and a scumbag to boot, he deserved death.

Good actions committed on Taris: 1. Rescued an elderly merchant from two scummy bounty hunters in Upper Taris. Didn't give him 100 credits for free, though. 2. Rescued an outcast from a rakghoul. 3. Helped Malik fake his own death, for the bounty put on him by Davik, and to make Davik happy and hopefully invite Nevera to his estate, so she can steal his ship. 4. Let a Duros prisoner out of a Sith torture cell.

Good acts not carried out on Taris: 1. Didn't save the infected outcasts in the pen, but didn't kill them either. 2. Didn't bother helping Rukil find his precious journals, but didn't help Igear destroy them either. (Besides, the outcasts should be braver and get the journals for themselves.) 3. Didn't give Zelka the rakghoul serum. Sold it to Zax. So the rich can afford to buy it. And anyway, the outcasts can't reach Zelka's shop to buy the cure! 4. Persuaded Holden to accept a 200 credit payoff for Dia's bounty. But didn't give Dia the money - gave her a short sword and a blaster instead. If Dia had enough guts to cut Holden, she should have enough guts to earn 200 credits by fighting Deadeye Duncan in the duel ring, and thus pay off Holden without help. 5. Didn't give Largo 200 credits to pay off Davik. But didn't kill him either - gave him a short sword. If Largo had enough guts, he could have earned 200 credits by fighting Deadeye Duncan in the duel ring, and paid off Davik. Nevara won't help people who refuse to help themselves!

Evil acts not carried out: 1. Didn't kill Dia, Largo, Malik, or Bendak Starkiller. Although she was very tempted to fight Bendak, Carth talked her out of it. 2. Didn't kill the female slave in the Vulkar base. Let her go. 3. Didn't kill the Vulkar who surrendered. Let him go. Nevara is not a murderer! Not yet, anyway.

Nevara is already starting to slip to the Dark Side....but so far only 20% dark on the Alignment scale.