How hard would it be to add KOTOR2 planets to KOTOR1? -1 reply

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4th April 2003

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#1 14 years ago

If you were able to confine a level's objects (textures, models, etc.) would it be possible to add more star maps to the game? Nar Shadaa for example, or perhaps the mandalorian moon. Script in to where once you land on the Mandalorian moon, you could drop Canderous off, before you head off to Rakata. It would just be cool to have the other maps to run around in, even if only a few actual scripted missions for those levels. I would assume that character progression would still advance, and that bad guys can be placed around the level randomly. I only ask because I just downloaded KOTOR 2 to check out and modify textures/reskin all of the purple armor. I've seen a Padawan mod for KOTOR 1 that turns you into a Jedi using scripting. It was a nice touch, but it is meaningless otherwise because it limits you to reaching only level 20, and the same thing can be done with the save game editor. In all honesty, KOTOR would make a better game to base the modifications to, because it is simply higher quality than KOTOR2.


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3rd June 2005

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#2 14 years ago

i dont agree. i think KOTOR2 is better quality