Which KOTOR babe would you fall in love with? -1 reply

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6th November 2007

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#61 11 years ago
Granyaski;4813580Then minus the men who go on this stuff and you would be left with Inyri and probably Tricorder:p

Oh... :daddy:



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2nd May 2005

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#62 11 years ago

Personalitywise, probably Mission's more to my taste.

But since I'm not massively into inter-species relationships, I vote The Exile :)

Granyaski Advanced Member

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29th May 2008

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#63 11 years ago
Inyri Forge;4813779Firstly, who says I can't take part? Secondly, don't feel bad. I have a real boyfriend.

Well whoever bothers with this thread should now die a little inside


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30th September 2008

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#64 11 years ago

let's see...

-I like Visas's personality and I really wanna help her but I like my gf with eyes (too bad miralukas have no eyes) -Kreia... forget about it, unless it's 30 or 40 years earlier then i might fall for her, sides, I dont like sith -Mira is really hot and got serious skills but I don't like the attitude although she is a really nice girl inside seeing how she spare her targets and Hanharr -Brianna would be my k2 choice, great personality and she got skills but on ONE CONDITION, grow your hair longer, i like girls with long hair -Juhani's accent is amazing and she'd be a faithful mate but too much fur and not enough hair (no offense, Cathars are awesome) -Mission is a young girl with great personality and she's a twi'lek, one of the species with the hottest females in the star wars galaxy, but i like someone my own species -Bastila is another with a fun accent to listen to (i notice i like girls with accents, too) and she's probably one of the hottest star wars character ever created, so she'd be my k1 choice, i dont necessary like her almost constant dark-side-is-bad preaching and sometimes uptight Jedi attitude but we all see that both attitudes disappear by the end of the game, showing that it can be turned off -The exile is another one i'd consider seeing as how i can make her to suit my preference via roleplaying and mods

my other choices from the entire star wars universe would be Jori Daragon (Jev's sister who rediscover Korriban and started the Great Hyperspace war 1000 years before kotor), Jareal (cool arkanian with elf ears), and Mara Jade (there's probably more but i cant think at the moment) but seriously... I like girls that i can actually meet so real life female humans all the way!


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17th January 2008

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#65 11 years ago

Honestly, I would like to date Bastila. 1. She would be hot if she were real. 2. I don't agree with people when they say she is annoying. Plus, Juhani is just a whiner, Mission's a Twi'lek, the Exile is me, Mira is annoying, Brianna has some funny thoughts about privacy (fighting in your underwear), and Visaas is like the Juhani of TSL.