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#1 11 years ago

Are you over 17 years of age? Do your game choices include the Call Of Duty series/ Battlefield series? Do you play often and enjoy participating in forums? Do you like your voice being heard? Does a choice of servers greater than 10 interest you? Do you enjoy mods/custom maps? Would you like to play with others that are friendly,respectful and of all skill levels? Would free members only tournaments with substantial prizes interest you? Would you like the chance to create and admin your own server? Are you interested in competition play?

Then AWC (The Applied Weaponology Clan) might be exactly what you are looking for. Our dedicated server is based in Dallas Texas. We are currently supporting Modern Warfare, World at War, Battlefield 2, Left4Dead 2 and battlefield Bad Company when released in March of this year. You will not find a friendlier, laid back clan anywhere. Our member base includes students, business professionals, Military personnel, contractors to name a few. AWC has numerous programs to keep members involved in everything we do, and programs to help our members when required.Some of the programs are as follows:

G.A.P. Game Assistance Program :

G.A.P. was created by a board of anonymous members to assist members that were students on a very limited income if any at all, or working members that were feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, laid off etc. Members have opportunity to apply to G.A.P for assistance. G.A.P makes available free of charge:

New/used Games Hardware Software Technical support

My Server:

My server is a program designed to get members involved in the creation of servers. Admins dont always know whats best. You as a member make a suggestion as to what you would like to see in the way of a server. If you have the ability, You create the server, add any mods/ custom maps etc to that server. You have full Admin rights to that server. You promote it,advertise it, just like it was your own! If your server is popular it will stay on as one of our regular servers and you retain Admin rights! If you dont have the technical knowledge to do so. Help with be provided.

Applied Weaponology's current resources include:

Dedicated servers:

W3520 Xeon Quad Core 12 gigs DDR3 Ram 1Tb hard disc space 100mbit dedicated port unlimited Bandwidth Data Centre:Internap Dallas

Q6600 Quad Core 8 gigs DDR2 250gb hard disc space 100bmit dedicated port unlimited bandwidth Data Centre: Colo Crossing Dallas

Cutom map redirects/Webspace:

Siteground Dallas: Webspace 1 & 1 hosting : Custom map redirect server Just Host: Custom map/mod redirect server

Why not drop by and have a look around? Visit us at

For questions or more information please contact myself: [AWC]GoMiNaToR* [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]

Applied Weaponology is a "member vote" Clan. As an applicant you are expected to interact with our members so we can get to know one another. At this point our members will vote on your application. If accepted you in turn will vote on all new applications.Apply Today! Hope to see you soon:cya: