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Foresight is an Anti-cheat tool used for scanning Medal of Honor servers to detect unwanted players cheating. The scanner will detect any variables in Medal of Honor designed for single-player cheats and any third-party cheat variables designed by dishonest players. The Client (currently being worked on) will be optional to players connecting to servers running Foresight. The Client will detect cheats in a revolutionary way by looking for the signature of cheats in addition to the traditional way of detecting the files themselves. This latest Version has the following... New Additions: New CVAR, FST_playerNames. Contains a list of player names. (Used in Mefy's new Freeze-Tag Version!) New Logging Method w/Databases All lists able to export to plain-text file. Buffer Timeout added. 10 tries then continues on to next command in buffer. This will prevent buffer filling. Custom message for Returning players already banned. Custom listen ports now configurable. (This should allow you to port-forward if you are having troubles with routers.) Quicker scans due to pk3 setting ALL FST cvars to one cvar. Kick and Ban lists are now editable by double-clicking the entry to edit. Replacing Spaces in names are now OPTIONAL. New method lets dumpuser process names with spaces. Fixes: Error 13 in tmrPlayer Error 94 in chkImmune Error 13 in Dumpuser TeamBalance cvar not Setting properly. Warnings for Player skins on Valid Check only. Schedule not processing. Fine tuned Schedule for editing. Now you can Delete an entry anywhere in the row. Convert kick to ban bug. Sorted Ban list by Date instead of IP. Removed extra line in Player list. Player list sorting. Get it at