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#1 11 years ago

According to this link it is saying that the original MoH is being released on new playstation systems: Planet Medal of Honor - MOH-PS1 What do you fans of MOH think about this? I am afraid this will be another failed attempt to add high tech things that has ruined the good name of MOH (example: Airborne) I think it should be done on PS2 using the engine of Frontline to only beef up the graphics and not add or take away anything greets Sturmgeist :cool:

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#2 11 years ago

No. It states that Medal of Honor has been added to PSN so people with a PS3 can download it and play it. It's the same game (I still have my PlayStation disc). EA will not invest any money remaking it. These games are classics and EA would only find a way to screw it up. If they redid faithfully recreate MoH, MoH:U and MoH:Frontlines on a engine for the PS3 I think I would have to buy a PS3. I bought a PS2 to play Frontlines and then I started building PC's to play MOH online.


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#3 11 years ago

It is on the psn store, you can purchase and download a compatible version for either the playstation portable, or the playstation 3. I did own an original copy of the ps1 version for a while and as a i recall, it was quite difficult to play the akward control scheme that was in play for the original playstation controllers. I own a psp and ive purchased this download, it works quite well. There is an option menu that was included in the download from the playstation store that allows you to bind certain buttons to replicate once you get the hang of it you can easily breeze through the game without any issues. (its fun) Im assuming this is the same for the playstation 3 version, and if so, then ea has done sometihng good for once.