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8th October 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Hello ALL !!

Have you ever heard of the MOHAA-ATHON ?? If you have then you know how much fun it is!! If you haven't then get ready for the BIGGEST AND BEST MOHAA EVENT EVER!!!!

The MOHAA-athon invites friends and strangers, other cheat-free clans and the general public from all over the MOHAA gaming community to an extra-ordinary weekend filled with familiarity, fellowship, friendship, fun, and some fantastic fighting!! Hosted on the Official MOHAA-athon teamspeak, a teamspeak open to anyone and everyone who wishes to share great times with other MOHAA players and fanatics. Over the course of one weekend, players get a chance to communicate, fight alongside, and against others they would not normally get the chance to play with. It has proven to forge great friendships and alliances in the past and will continue to do so in the present and in the future! The Mohaa-athon is an all hours, all-weekend event that celebrates one of the best first-person shooter games ever to be released, Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault. Through six previous MOHAA-athon's held, it has become one of the biggest MOHAA events ever!! Each MOHAA-ATHON features servers from all different gametypes donated by a wide variety of different clans all over the planet!! Whatever your gaming style is, the MOHAA-ATHON always delivers!! In the past, a number of different mohaa clans have had their servers featured during the MOHAA-athon. It has proven to be a great way to draw traffic into a server and lets the rest of the mohaa community know about a clan in general!! All Featured clans are also recognized on the MOHAA-ATHON website!!

Hosting a server has many great benefits with very few drawbacks. Like any other event or server that is popular, it draws all kinds of ppl from all over the world, including those few who wish to interrupt the fun of it all. To combat this we now require 4 conditions that must be met if a clan is to have their server featured in the next MOHAA-athon: (1) atleast 2 admin must be present for the majority of the event, esp during prime times, which are 3pm-1am local time; (2) they must be willing to type in their server config file: "seta sv_allowdownload 0" , which will prevent hackers from downloading their rcon pw; (3) they must provide all of the admins of their clan who have rcon access and who will be at the event, their xfire or msn contact info; and (4) they must be willing to remove the word "FUBAR" from their banned names list, if only for the duration of the event, as there will be a friendly European clan participating in the event, named the FUBAR Clan! *Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in a clan's server being yanked from the featured server list and replaced with an alternate*

There is also a team of Constables set up to help any clans featuring a server with any problems that may arise. Our Constables have a considerable amount of experience with administrating a game server and should prove as good support for any clan that wishes to use their service. The date for the Next MOHAA-ATHON has already been set!! Mark this weekend down on your calendars!! The 7th MOHAA-athon will be held on FRIDAY MARCH 14 - SUNDAY MARCH 16, 2008 !!!!! To learn more about the MOHAA-ATHON , please visit our website at !! There you can find testimonials of what past players thought about previous MOHAA-ATHONS, register and participate in the forums, and meet the MOHAA-ATHON Committee that has been set-up to make this event come together!! Be sure to check back often as the website is continually being updated with new features and the latest news!! If your clan is interested in having one of their servers featured at the next MOHAA-ATHON please contact myself at your earliest convenience and we will get you set-up!! If your clan does not wish to be featured in this event, we sure would like to extend an invitation to all your members, your fans, and allies, as the MOHAA-ATHON is open to everyone!! For any questions, concerns, or comments please fell free to contact myself at any time!! Kindest Regards, Crosshairs North American Team, MOHAA-ATHON Admin Xfire: ddcrosshairs msn/email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]