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18th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

PA, I HATE IT!!!! I WUZ LOOKIN FORWARD TO IT VERY MUCH (and i had no net for 2 months) and I donloaded it!!! AND WHYY!!??!?!? my Geforce4 440 MMX does not support even DirectX 8.1?!? MAD!!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING OF!?! AND whats with the ''Windows 2000 & XP'' shit?!?


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5th August 2004

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#2 16 years ago

pa is just a gay imatation of cod anyways it suckd. only dif beteween cod and pa demo was 2 button...melee and aim down sight were switched and crosshairs were a tiny bit diferent


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8th November 2003

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#3 16 years ago

So let me put this out into the field:

(Just for the record I owned all three MOH games, BF:V. I have both COD games and MOHPA. So im not being bias here or hating on any game cause I know eachone has its own fantics)

When MOHAA came out, almost any other game that came after it was instantly compared to MOHAA, it was in a class of its own.

When BF42 came out, it was compared to MOH, same ideas, but different ways of implementing them and with more features. When BF:V came out......well lets just say its another "Breakthrough" or maybe even a MOHPA. (Though personally I liked Breakthrough).

When COD came out, it seems that it instantly became the top game and superior to any of the MOH games and BF42. Granted, I never understood why people compared COD and MOH since I personally believe that they are complete distinct games, I would make more sense to me to see BF42 and COD comparisons.

So in conclusion, id like to just say what if......what if COD did not excist, what would people be compareing things to nowadays? Lets stay in the genre too please.