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27th July 2004

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#1 10 years ago

THIS IS COOP action with 3 AI, who follow player.

Medic can heal player, simply move close to him, often heal player.

I dont test map with live players (friends), it can be possible, but i dont know about behaviour of AI.

I plan to make this map like coop for live people (ali players), next time.

THE GOAL of this map is to liberate and then lead an Allied prisoners,

from German Castle prisons to the Allied truck outside.

When a prisoner is outside from Castle gate, near the truck, he is already free, and move

his self to the truck.

When you want to liberate prisoner, open prison and go close to prisoner.

Two prisoners are on the ground, one is on first flour, two are on second flour.

Allies win, when there are liberated at least 3 from 5 prisoners in the Castle.

Axis win, when time is over.

TIP, make you budyes face to an enemy.