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11th June 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hi Folks!

I've been told that the name "Time-Warp-Bug" already points to another problem, and to avoid any confusion, I started a new thread, hoping for some help.

I'm experiencing a strange effect, meaning that during a mission, I suddenly jump forward a few seconds in time, my ship has suddenly turned round, my weapons are charged, the enemy completed his turn, like about 5 seconds had passed, only that the game sort of jumps into the future for those 5 seconds, with ships keeping turining, weapons keeping loading, but I think also the AI is unable to perform actions like firing, since it only does after a jump, but I never experience a jump and end up without shield, although I heard that if I just press the fire button, I would fire during this "spike". I just never experienced the AI doing it, which could be coincidence.

It appears in Skirmish or Campaign Mode, no matter what resolution or game speed, changing the ship didn't help either, be it Federation or Klingon. Graphic Details and View Modes are also without influence, and it seems that applying neither the DirectX fix nor the beta patch helped. I'm using a gForce 2-GTS with the latest NVidia-Drivers and DirectX 9 with default setting on a Athlon 1,4 GHz SD-RAM, running Windows 2000 with all the latest updates.

Any ideas? It did not happen on a machine running Win98, Duron 600, gForce 256, I think also running DirectX 9.

With best regards.....