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15th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

On the vessel library, some vessels are shown only their hard points. No pics overlaped hardpoints, upper right one and comments. They are New Orleans, Valiant, Prometheus, Excelciors (only normal one worked), and so on. Not all vessels. If I selected these broken ships in single player skirmish, The game began but the view was the other ship. In case it was Prometheus, it showed as sovereign.

In 'sfc3\Assets\Models' directory, I couldn't find named directories as these ships.

The mod file was downloaded from I installed TNG Mega Mod with following sequence. What's wrong?

1) Uninstall sfc3 and delete sfc3 directory. 2) Install sfc3. 3) Install sfc3 1.01 beta patch. 4) install the TNG Mega Mod. 5) Execute TNGMega.bat

Please Help me.