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7th June 2003

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#1 17 years ago

i'm not a mapper, but i'm asking if you could to covert some of the RTCW classics. But mp_depot is a cool map.

Make the south and north gates construcble by the teams and satchelable.

Make the AA Gun actually fire :dance:

Make some of the depot sand for mines. :uhoh:

Make a construcible elevator door. by thwe elevator

that's all i can think of. But try and make it the sameway it played in RTCW exect for what i said and your little adjustments. :bows:

Thanks in advance [marquee=right][COLOR=red]MP_DEPOT rocks and is the best classic RTCW map, mp_beach is too boring :sleep: [/color][/marquee]

[night=3]Good Night[/night]