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7th June 2003

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#1 15 years ago

dday_nw as we all know is the coverted mp_beach for et.

Altough the editor did a good job he added ****

1. we asked for a coverted mp_beach not a changed beach.

2. ALlies only have one spawn, can't spaw near command post when built. :uhoh:

3. It is not balanced one bit. :uhoh:

4. The sea wall door was removed woth an "axis-only" which threw the balnced gmeplay down to 3.

5. New assualt ramp that is right by the other entrance but need to be on other side at least if sea wall door ios not added.

6. two parts in to diffenrent area is hard because of balanced gameplay.

7. the "Basement" of it is a maze. :uhoh:

8. hard for allies to keep the fda flag

9. leaks in map areas.

10. MG42 gun needs to be backed up a little by the side entance by command post.

11. sides of roads missing. ;r

12. Does not tell you if first part or second part has been put into the truck (no notifacation) :uhm:

PLease tell ur findings here to or improvements.

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10th December 2002

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#2 15 years ago

yes m8 i agree with u the whole map is 2 bright 4 me and it is very hard 2 win if u r allies. :rock: :dance: :rock: