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19th February 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Yes you heard it here folks ( Sarcasm ), we are now recruiting for spearhead. Now, im just trying to whore out my clan but hey? Anyways, good clan recruiting, Cheat free- ( If you use Cheats.... you will instantly be kicked from the clan ).

Now, although we accept members of ALL skill levels, we give ( Obiously ) Higher ranks to better players, so if you would like to join, go for it-

All you have to do to get in is -

#1 Get X-fire #2 Buddy me on X-fire #3 We set up a time #4 we play so i can see how good you are and how much you follow orders. #5 You are ( Hopefully ) in!

Also, you have two options, there are two sides of the clan you can join. #1 is the Squag-Regiment side, which if you join, you will be put into a squad.. commanded by a squad leader and gradualy rise.

#2 is the Freelance area, so if you join, it takes about 3x as much to get a promo.

Now! if you didnt read that.... :lookaround: , YOU CANT TAKE BATTLE! Anyways, Pm me/Post here about joining, we should have a Site/Server Capabilities by at LEAST the end of the Year.

so... good luck, and God bless, go on and post...

EDIT : Oh yeah did you notice i changed the tags? you can set up yours however you want as long as the S is a symbol, for the S type in -

HOLD ALT + 0 + 1 + 5 + 4 and let go. for the š