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Looking for a great Spearhead Clan? You're viewing the right post!

----- HISTORY OF THE CLAN----- Our unit was established in April 2003 and have been running great ever since. When the clan begun, it was commanded by two officers, 5-Star General Mapmstr & 5-Star General DarkNimbus. Approximately September 2003, Darknimbus left the clan, leaving Mapmstr in command.

Around December 2004, a new General was promoted to the General of the Air Force position as Mapmstr’s partner-- Banny. General Banny is no longer in the clan. The clan has changed it’s commanders throughout it’s history, however, we have some outstanding commanders at the moment, and don’t expect any to be leaving anytime soon. Ever since April 26, 2003, this clan has been improving under the command of General of the Air Force Mapmstr, and is going to hopefully improve into something much bigger and better.


We would like to give our cadets not only the experience in gameplay, but also the experience in leadership opportunities in the clan that mainly reflect real-world tasks. We currently have scheduled practices and meets for the clan, as well as well-organized promotion ceremonies. What makes this unit what it is today is extremely good leadership from all of our Generals, and from the respect, cooperation, and unity of the entire clan.

----- RECRUITMENT -----

To enlist into the =167= Clan, you must:

- Fill out the Recruitment Form - Pass a tryout issued by GoAF. Mapmstr - Use TeamSpeak & AOL Instant Messenger

----- CLAN RULES -----

Chapter 1, Unacceptable use of Administrative Privileges

Section 1, Spearhead Server

Paragraphs: 1A. Changing Default Server Settings 1B. Using RCON to harass Server Clients 1C. Using RCON to harass =167= Clan Members. 1D. Using RCON to harass other =167= Administrators. 1E. Using RCON to harass =167= Commanders. 1F. Using RCON to Maliciously cause harm or attempt to damage the server.

Section 2, TeamSpeak Server

Paragraphs: 2A. Change default server settings. 2B. Harass TS server clients. 2C. Harass =167= Members. 2D. Harass other =167= Administrators. 2E. Harass =167= Commanders. 2F. Maliciously cause harm or attempt to damage the TeamSpeak server.

Section 3, Rank & Power

Paragraphs: 3A. To make irrelevant or unauthorized commands. 3B. To make irrelevant commands for personal gain. 3C. Using Power in a rebellious way. 3D. Complete Insubordinance or disrespect of power directly toward a commanding officer.

Chapter 2, Unacceptable Behavior & Conduct of Members

Section 1, Unacceptable Behavior

Paragraphs: 1A. Offensive or Prolonged Vulgarity directed toward server & TS members, or otherwise in general. 1B. Vulgarity directed toward an =167= Member. 1C. False accusations towards members or server clients. 1D. Vulgarity directed toward an =167= officer. 1E. Major Accusation toward an =167= Officer without sufficient evidence. 1F. Dishonesty to an =167= Officer. 1G. Issuing potential clan members with =167= tags including rank or division. 1H. Sending unauthorized or unchanneled clan-wide announcements via email messages. 1I. Treason (To join a different clan, regardless of the game, without Mapmstr's consent.) 1K. Releasing Confidential Information to the General public, or unauthorized members. 1L. Attempt to use cheats (e.g. Aimbots, Glowskins or Anti-Fog) or any other type of cheat, hack, glitch, or exploit in conjunction with our clan or in Spearhead, to give yourself an unfair advantage at the game. 1M. Modifying Tags (Including Rank, Division, Title, Nickname, etc.) 1N. Issuing SA, CA, or RCON to another clan member or a non-clan member. 1O. Holding a Clan Match without The Clan Commander's approval. 1P. Holding a Scrimmage without The Clan Commander's approval. 1Q. Failure to attend at least 50% of all clan events. 1R. Creating and/or spreading Clan-Wide Rumors. 1S. Harassment of another member. 1T. Sexual Harassment of another member. 1U. Sexual Harassment of another member of the opposite gender 1V. Modification/Removal of Clan-Issue Tags 1W. Failure to follow orders

The =167= Clan rules may be modified at ANY time at the discretion of General of the Air Force Mapmstr, or upon a passing vote of the 5 =167= Clan Commanding officers. A rule may be vetoed at anytime ONLY under the authority of General of the Air Force Mapmstr. Disciplinary actions of infringement of ANY of the clan rules are at the discretion of General of the Air Force Mapmstr, or upon the conviction by the =167= Clan Court Marshal, General Heero.If no reply is given by The Clan Court Marshal within 24 hours of a case request, The Clan Commander and/or Assistant Clan Commander may take full jurisdiction of the case.


Every cadet is expected to demonstrate the high standards of the =167= clan. Each cadet is expected to act mature, respectful, responsible, and polite. Since you are wearing our tags, you are making an impression on behalf of the entire clan. Therefore, you are expected to follow ALL of the clan rules and policies at ALL times.


Every week Clan Practices are held. Members are expected to attend for a 2-hour period for this practice.

Practice Times are:

Every Saturday, 6PM – 8PM US EST (-5:00GMT)

Every Sunday, 6PM – 8PM US EST (-5:00 GMT)

----- RANKING SYSTEM -----

-----AIRMEN----- E-1, Airman Basic E-2, Airman (Amn.) E-3, Airman First-Class (A1C.) E-4, Senior Airman (SrA.) -----NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS----- E-5, Staff Sergeant (SSgt.) E-6, Technical Sergeant (TSgt.) E-7, Master Sergeant (MSgt.) E-7, First Sergeant (1MSgt.) E-8, Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt.) E-8, First Sergeant (1SMSgt.) E-9, Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt.) E-9, First Sergeant (1CMSgt.) E-9, Command Chief Master Sergeant (CCM.) -----OFFICERS----- O-1, Second Lieutenant (2Lt.) O-2, First Lieutenant (1Lt.) O-3, Captain (Capt.) O-4, Major (Maj.) O-5, Lieutenant Colonel (Lt.CoL.) O-6, Colonel (CoL.) -----GENERALS----- O-7, Brigadier General (Brig.Gen.) O-8, Major General (Maj.Gen.) O-9, Lieutenant General (Lt.Gen.) O-10, General (Gen.) O-11, General of the Air Force (GoAF.)


Website: www.167clan.net

SpearHead Server IP:

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I been on a server and I do not like theese 167 guys!