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#1 13 years ago

{-19th-} Infantry Division Recruiting for Medal of honor: aa CoD2, Bf 1942, To join post in our forums, {-19th-} Infantry Division :: Index

We are a clan with many active, dedicated members, each brigade (game) has 30 - 40 people in it, totaling over 100 members total in the clan, we have at least 2 servers for each game allowing a different type of setting each time you play.


2nd Brigade (Battle Field1942) is a very organized brigade with leaders always looking out for the interest of its member before them selfs.

4th Brigade (Call of duty2) shows its experianced with leaders that demonstrate leadership and member's show quality which can not be measured

8th Brigade (Medal Of Honor:AA) is one of the oldest games 19th plays, and is where 19th started. 8B holds what most people want from Sniper only wars, to all weapons battles.

so join {-19th-} today and well show you what it means to be the first ones into combat and be the last ones out