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#1 15 years ago

Game version: Medal of Honor Pacific Assault I am =AIM=1Lt Flynn, XO of the Tactical Sniper Clan =AIM= (Accurate Insane Marksmen).

=AIM= is a new clan but the members are not new to the game. Most of the members are over 30 years old and the majority of us have come from different clans. We do play Free For All, but we do enjoy having scheduled TDM’s from time to time. We are also looking to have clan matches with other clans.

We are trying to breed new life into what we believe is a game that has not changed much since its arrival to the gaming community. Most servers still run with the basic maps that come with the game and many players have gotten bored and stopped playing.

=AIM= is dedicated to keeping the game alive! We currently have about 20 custom maps. Although we only run with 2 custom maps in the rotation we plan to add more. We have been advertising on our server to download the custom maps and when enough players have finally done so we will run with more in rotation. We have been lucky to have met players online that are willing to do custom maps and skins for our clan. Yes, I said skins we do have custom skins but they are currently only for the clan members because they were designed with the clan logo on them. The clan members also utilize the Team Speak program to enhance the game, it works great for coordinating movements and it is interesting being able to communicate with other players from around the world.

We do play by a few rules i.e. no running, no jumping (unless it is to get on something), sniper rifle and grenades only. Those that due not play by the rules soon find themselves kicked from the server by one of the members, for most clan members have console command.

So if you are looking to play Pacific Assault, enjoy more mature players to play with, have a new experience with custom maps and skins, and like there to be a set of rules that enforced please feel free to visit our server. Visit our web site to download the custom maps.

Clan web address: www.aimsnipers.com Clan server address: