Calling All UK players "Your Country Needs You!" -1 reply

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16th February 2004

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#1 14 years ago

New Unit forming Soon. UK and CommonWealth players wanted for new UK unit Recruiting now.

UKM = United Kingdom Mercs

Fed up with those sorry ass foriegn f#ckers from over the river getting on yer tits with their wallhacks and whining? Come join what will be the No1 Unit in MOH AA SH BT. This is a Merc Unit so the rules will be few and far between. 3 Standing Orders to join are - 1. You gotter be half decent. 2. You gotta get a real sick enjoyment out of making mush, slush and bones of them froggys, Krauts and Commies from over the water. 3. You will need a bank balance for the shared server fee (which i would estimate to be about a fiver a month once we are up and runnin)