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#1 12 years ago
What We Are: The time has come, a fun no pressure clan :naughty: Thats right we are a fun based clan. There's no pressure on being the best one out there. Just to be mature and fun to play with. Requirements: There is no age limit. There is no skill level you must be. You must have teamspeak, and a working microphone or willing to buy one. You must be able to visit our website at least once weekly.(its okay if you miss days) There are pretty much not any requirements for this clan. The Server: We play Medal of Honor Spearhead and Breakthrough. The server I.P. Address is The server is named Delta.:.Operations.:.Fun.:.Guns Why fun guns? That is because we have weapons with 1000 or more rounds in one clip. The Machine Guns and the Submachine Guns have a 0.01 firing rate and 0 bullet spread. (As accurate as the guns can get:D ) Teamspeak We do have a teamspeak server. The IP is There is no password because at the moment the teamspeak is a public clan one.
Any Questions? Catch me on my game server, website, teamspeak, or email me. The website and email is below. Email: [EMAIL="Admin@deltaopsclan.com"]Admin@deltaopsclan.com[/EMAIL] Website: www.deltaopsclan.com Remember, watch out you might get :0wned: