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#1 15 years ago

[color=black][EBC] Recruiting!!!!! - www.ebc-clan.co.uk[/color] [color=black]What the [EBC] offers its members:[/color] [color=black]- A High quality well established spearhead clan[/color] [color=black]- 3 servers (MPSH3)1 private(events/matches/training), 2 popular public servers, busy every night[/color] [color=black]- [EBC] FUN Server! Jump Mod All Weapons (I.P.[/color] [color=black]- [EBC] 38 Man CTF/FTOBJ/TOW Server! ([/color] [color=black]- Our own personal clan league for ebc use only, includes 2v2 ladders, company matches etc. [/color] [color=black]- Over 30 other clan members[/color] [color=black]- Frequent matches with other clans[/color] [color=black]- Matches played using dmw, to prevent all cheating in matches[/color] [color=black]- Various competitions and prizes[/color] [color=black]- Private [EBC] events[/color] [color=black]- Custom maps[/color] [color=black]- Our own private team speak channels[/color] [color=black]- Personalised [EBC] skins[/color] [color=black]- Medals and promotions[/color] [color=black]- High quality website and forum[/color] [color=black][/color] [color=black]If you would like to join our clan click here and fill out the registration form, be sure to read the rules page too. [/color] [color=black]Make sure you're over 17, if not we may allow you to join our junior section. [/color] [color=black]Any nationality is welcome, as long as some English is spoken. The best way to get picked is to regularly play on our public servers. :beer: [/color]