FoD* Clan Recruiting (PS3 & Xbox 360) for Black Ops, Halo Reach, MoH, MW2 -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

Foundations Of Destruction Clan is an established PS3 and Xbox 360 clan for ages 12+. We were founded in February of 2010. We play many games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Halo Reach, Call Of Duty Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption and Medal Of Honor. We’re a friendly international clan that has 170+ total registered members that are in virtually every part of the world so no matter where you live, you’ll always have someone to play with. This family-like atmosphere is key on our forums and we hope you enjoy this clan as much as we do. * You may be thinking to yourself, i don't like big clans and they are bad, well we don't fit in that category, we are very good and organized, it's not a mess because our members are put into squads and are not all over the place. * 1. Alot of active members on our forums 2. Gamebattles *teams for games such as Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Halo Reach, Red Dead Redemption and Medal Of honor. 3. Casual and Competitive tournaments with prizes. 4. Many competitive and casual events 5. Active leaders that are always there to help you out 6. A live chat box on our forums 7. A friendly atmosphere where people are willing to help you train you so that you can get better and become a team player. 8. A competitive arcade with over 100 games * Although we host fun matches of all kinds, our ultimate goal is to become one of the top clans. We accept players of all skill levels, and play game modes varying from Team Deathmatch to Search and Destroy. We understand your need for a team-based clan, and that is what we are looking to provide in all games including Black Ops.

We assign members to squads based on region, so we can separate groups, bringing you the best connections to our members since EU and NA connections do not mix well.

We host many fun and competitive events and tournaments. We accept both casual and competitive players and we have squads for basically every game and game type so that you will always be able to join a squad that is perfect for you. We are a clan based on leadership, teamwork, maturity, dedication and military. We strive to find the best leaders for our squads and for our chain of command. We are one of the most active playstation 3 and xbox 360 clans around and our leaders are very friendly and always willing to help. *We have over 100 active members on our site and a live chat box on our forums so that you can talk to people instantly and get advice at any time of the day! * * So why wait? Join today and benefit from being around a clan that is always willing to give you tips and always has someone on to play with. * If you wish to join, register and apply on our clan site: Register at Foundations of Destruction - Official Clan Site (PS3 & Xbox 360) MW2, Black Ops, Medal of Honor, Halo ReachFoundations of Destruction - Official Clan Site (PS3 & Xbox 360) MW2, Black Ops, Medal of Honor, Halo Reach * Also, if you have any questions or concerns, post in this thread and i will back to you ASAP! * -Thank you for your time, And hope yo see you in the battlefield

~FoD* Clan member egriverdog20 make sure u state i told you if the link didnt work click here: