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#1 16 years ago

WE NEED YOU! JWK (Junor Worm Killers) is a clan for younger people 18- // We are Sponsored by the UBA (United Barmy Army) and HOW (Hooligans of War) clans. www.ubaclan.com www.how-clan.co.uk // We are looking for members, it doesnt matter how good you play, cause we play for fun mostsmilie.gif Why dont u take a look at our websiteconfusedx.gif www.clantoolz.com/juniorwormkillers "JOINING IS FOR FREE" If you are interested: 1 you can fill in the recruitment button on our site (its on the left top) 2 you can add me to msn: [email="bad_boy_bassie@msn.com"]bad_boy_bassie@msn.com[/email] We also have Teamspeak 2, ip is: ts1.holdouts.com:8812 Cheerscya.gif -=[JWK]=- BadBoyBassie *CL