Looking for regular tournaments,friends,humor,and a great clan? Youve Just Found E.G.G. (Elite Global Gamers) -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

As of right now we are a BFBC2 and MOH clan.When E.g.g. was formed we wanted a place where members from all over the planet could joke around and have fun together on the site and in game.We wanted everyone in it to become close and get along great.At the same time we wanted to destroy the competition in game.To our surprise,we did just that.Imagine a clan that can make jokes between one another,not take things so seriously and still finish first in a match.Sounds like the perfect choice for me.And it was and it still is.You can decide if its right for you at Home - Elite Global Gamerz - Clan site I have no doubt that it will be.Ask any questions on our site.See you there :cya: dnt forget to sign up :deal: