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#1 12 years ago

hey eveyone We are a new clan for mohaa but we are looking for players we have quite a few good playes like swift and angry teletubie also rage and flexible but any way we have a website thats realy just new =P www.medic.swift-cw.com have a look to apply to our clan email me a score and some general info at [EMAIL="kingofgod12@hotmail.com"]kingofgod12@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] also for memebrs we will have our own server soon only for memebrs of the clan =)

we need a few good snipers and smg pepz ! =) tell ur mates and get them to email!!! we send mods everything!!!:deal: we have a good joke and:beer: but any ways i give you some indepth info. . . . [MED] clan was created on april 17 and started with 7 people [MED] cum,bloodedblade,sythe,swift,rage,angryteletubie,flexible:eek: and we have no rank structure besides being a vetran =) which is be loyal and stuff. all clans have one noob that [MED] cum he is a rocket noob but is good to clear out areas quick =) also we have alot of good smg pepz but all we ask is to turn up to a few games we realy only play weekends and be the best team stand up for ur team:rolleyes:. NO HAXING AT ALL I KILL U:mad: but we only have lol 20 spots avalibe and its goin quick get ur entries in :uhm:

any way email me soon as im awake now!!! w8ting for emails for our clan :bows::bows: :bows::bows: