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We are a new clan and are currently searching for new members. We have a MOHAA and CODuo server, and we are looking into putting a Halo, MOHPA,and BFV server on as well. Must be 16 years old. Any skill level is excepted. We just like to have fun, and that is what we do!!! We meet as a clan every Weds & Sat night for practices and clan scrims, during those times we close the servers down and make it private for members only to enjoy. We play FFA, TDM, OBJ or whatever the members select for the night. We also have an OPS team, and player points system for interclan challenges. We strive to give back to the members what they put in. We also use teamspeak. We are always on having fun.

Please come visit us at www.moveclan.net

-[MOVE]-PFC.Fcat -[MOVE]- Clan www.moveclan.net [email]pfc_fcat@moveclan.net[/email]



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23rd February 2004

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[color=black]If you go to uninstall MOHAA and then go to reinstall MOHAA and you keep getting this window popping up that says " Modify, Repair, Remove screen." This is what you have to do.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]In this case a clean install will be desired. You can take the following steps to manually remove the game from your computer, but be warned that if these steps are not followed correctly, there is a possibility that your install of windows can become corrupted. If you do not wish to complete these steps yourself then ask a friend who knows more then you[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]1. Delete the games directory. By default this will be C:\Program Files\EA Games\Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. Then delete MOHAA from the start menu as well. By default this is Start->Programs->EA Games->Medal Of Honor Allied Assault[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]2. Now load the registry editor. Go to Start -> Run -> type in "regedit" (without the quotes).[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]3. There is a registry folder that causes this and must be removed. It is found in:[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]You must then select and delete the folder name below found in that above location:[/color] [color=black]{0DEA94ED-915A-4834-A87E-388D012C8E02}[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Delete this folder, then close the registry editor, and reinstall the game normally. This works for everygame only delete an other number,..duh![/color]