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#1 12 years ago

Hello I am .:|NG|:.^GoA.RavennX of NeoGamers, and I would like to invite all to our teamspeak. We are looking for mature players that would likke to be part of a well structured Clan. NeoGamers has been around for over 3 years. Just Now we have put our mohaa server back up and looking for Some new/old members. Read our Rules and guides before applying in our forums. Teamspeak IP: MoH:AA Rifle / Sniper Only Server Description: Rifle and sniper only, maps in current rotation are Hunt and V2, We have a Custom Rifle (We use the M14 Tatical Carbine) And a Custom Mauser. And you get 1 grenade. Feel free to stop by. Server hosted in Ohio, U.S IP: You can also contact us at http://www.neogamers.net or [email]admin@neogamers.net[/email]

Thank you