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#1 16 years ago

[color=red][Obdµrate#1] and [Obdµrate#2] are recruiting!!![/color] We are recruiting atm for 4 differen games (and a possible 5th). Medal of Honor:Spearhead, Medal of Honor:Pacific Assault, Counter Strike:Condition Zero and Call of Duty:United Offensive. (Possibly Battlefield 1942). We have a few high ranked positions to fill in as recruitment-officers, war-arrangers, tactics-officers etc. If you are an active gamer and like to get involved with a clan (and offcourse are a good player) then you're the one 4 the job!!! Contact me (clanleader) @ [email="da_gspot69@hotmail.com"]da_gspot69@hotmail.com[/email] or check out our website http://www.obdurate.nl [color=red][/color] About us... [color=black]We Started out as a MOH:SH clan about 1.5 yrs ago. We want to expand our borders to other games. We have a total of 17 members of which most are MOH:SH members. We are looking for people that could make a good addition to the clan. We like playing in team and having fun doing it. We do not allow any form of cheating!!! We have no need for members who are not active, inactivity results in a kick if you do not have a specified reason. [/color] If you have any questions or comments please let me know by e-mail or by adding me on msn. [color=red][/color] [color=red]Our vacancies...[/color] - 3 War-arrangers (CS-CZ, MOH:PA, COD:UO) - 4 Tactics-officers (CS-CZ, MOH:PA, COD:UO, MOH:SH) - 4 Recruitment-officers (CS-CZ, MOH:PA, COD:UO, MOH:SH) - 4 Server-admins (CS-CZ, MOH:PA, COD:UO, MOH:SH) (We do not have any servers...yet. MOH:SH server planned for december-januari) [color=red]A few basic requirements... [/color] - A microphone - Speak and type english - Clan-experience (for the high ranked positions) - War-experience (for the high ranked positions) - Being active - Wanting to work in a team - Have a good attitude - Wanting to be a part of a developping clan That's it...