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#1 16 years ago

:cya: hey our server ip is we have another server but im not sure what the ip is lol but anyways we are open for new challenges does any one wanna scrim ??? just post in http://steven55.proboards18.com nobody has started to use our forums yet cuz i just made them not to long ago but post there if you would like to have a scrim some time ok but we need more mods to if you would be so kind and lend us some mods please that would be awsome and if you like our mods email me and maybe i can give you some ok we change our mods on the server about every to weeks and if you have any suggestions or what we need to fix or need just email me at [email="s3v3555@yahoo.com"]s3v3555@yahoo.com[/email] if you would like to join our clan go to our forums or if your in our server just ask one of the rated-r members RATED-R*GOA.STIFFLER c ya lata:beer: