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#1 13 years ago

*{S.O.W}* Saints Of War* Will be holding a Multi-clan pug on Saturday Oct,7,2006 consisting of multiple games. These games will include Spearhead, COD, COD:UO And COD2. Any clan may participate. This is meant for a night of fun and to get to know the people in the gaming community a little better. Also to play with friends you have not played with in awhile. We will be useing our servers for the pugs. The servers are located in texas and pings should be reasonable for all. A teamspeak will also be provided and must be used if you plan on attending. All we ask is that you please watch your language and be courteous to all who is on. As there will be Women and children playing. For COD, COD:UO & COD2 punkbuster is always on and servers are always streaming to punksbusted. We would also like for you to post on our forums if you plan on attending And which game you would prefer to play from 1st to last. For example if you prefer to play COD2 1st, then cod, then uo with Spearhead last you would put this: COD2 - 1st cod - 2nd UO - 3rd SH - 4th

Now you will only be playing in 1 game, most likely the 1 you choose for 1st. but this will give us an idea of how many want to play in each game. Servers will hold 26 players so if your 1st choice is full we will move you to your 2nd choice. Choices will depend on 1st to sign up. So reply early to reserve your spot.

When you reply also leave your email addy so i can send you the passwords that will be used. Also leave your website address and i will leave a reminder on it a few days before the event. Games should last for about an hour. So please plan on staying at least that long. SIGN UP HERE: http://www.saintsofwar.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=8064#8064

DATE AND TIME: Saturday, October, 7th 2006 Start: 8pm est Should last about an hour. Please if you plan to come, plan on staying at least that long.


COD SERIES: 3 maps for each cod series game consisting of 10 rounds each side. COD SERIES games will be in S&D mode. And will use a TWL config.

Spearhead: Spearhead will be played in TDM mode. 2 maps, 30 minutes each.

SPEARHEAD: Maps: Malta & Brest gametype: TDM CFG: *{S.O.W}*Cfg, Pretty much a stock config. Weapons: All

COD: Maps: Dawnville, Railyard & Harbor Gametype: S&D Cfg: TWL config Weapons: All

COD:UO: Maps: Cassino, Arnhem & Brecourt Gametype: S&D Cfg: TWL config Weapons: All

COD2: Maps: Caen, Matmata & Farmhouse Gametype: S&D Cfg: TWL Weapons: All

REMBER TO SIGN UP HERE: http://www.saintsofwar.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=8064#8064

Hope to see you there.